Counterfeit versions of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has been discovered in Mexico and Poland.

The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer, says it has identified the fake vaccine after a test was carried out on the doses which were seized by authorities in the two countries.

According to a confirmation by Pfizer; in Mexico, the pharmaceutical company had false labels, while the substance in Poland was believed to be anti-wrinkle treatment.

The need for precaution has been an aspect of concern for the World Health Organization (WHO) especially with the warning that fake vaccines “pose a serious risk to global public health”.

At the moment, there is a drastic call by the global health organization to concerned authorities to identify and remove the fake vaccine from circulation.

So far, reactions have trailed the discovery of the fake vaccine. One of those people that have reacted is Poland’s health minister.

On Wednesday, he took a step to emphasize that the risk of counterfeit doses appearing in official circulation was “practically non-existent.”