Ben Murray-Bruce is the outspoken Group Chairman of the Silverbird Group (, a diversified multi-media company with holdings in Radio, TV, Real Estate and Cinemas. Mr. Murray-Bruce is a renowned businessman, politician, public figure and advocate for the people. His unconventional style of fusing business activities with advocacy for the people has fostered a series of pioneering ideas that have rewarded diligent Nigerians with entertaining events and job creation ideas. His drive to excel in business is exceeded only by his zeal as an advocate for the people.

Mr. Murray-Bruce ran for the governorship of Bayelsa State in 2011 under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party. 

Throughout his career in business and politics, Mr. Murray-Bruce has championed people-friendly causes such as the recent Ben Bruce Plan, which calls for the withdrawal of fuel subsidies in order to subsidize the transportation costs of ordinary Nigerians. Under the plan, Mr. Murray-Bruce envisions annually spending N200 Billion, a fraction of the estimated N1.2 trillion cost of the fuel subsidy last year, to subsidize transportation fares, N100 Billion to upgrade public transportation, and the remaining N900 Billion on other public projects. 
Innovative Highlights:

Silverbird’s Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria MBGN ( brand produced the first and only black African Miss World in 2001. Silverbird also carved a niche as a ground-breaking company by building the first international standard mall and Cineplex in Nigeria, the Silverbird Galleria, which has paved way for other malls in the country.

In addition, Silverbird reinvented the cinema culture in Nigeria with theatres spanning Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ghana. Since 2009, Silverbird Cinemas has retained a monopoly of the Cinema business in Ghana at the Accra mall. The company plans to acquire additional sites in Ghana in 2013. 

Mr. Murray-Bruce founded Silverbird Group in 1980 and the company is a pioneer in the entertainment industry and one of the largest media entertainment companies in Africa. The company, which reaches millions of Nigerians across the world, consists of the following:

1.Silverbird Communications, which comprises Rhythm FM and Silverbird Television;

2. Silverbird Productions, which produces the MBGN pageant (, Mr. Nigeria Contest ( and The Man of the Year Awards;

3. Silverbird Malls, which comprises Silverbird Galleria, Lagos, Silverbird Entertainment Centre, Abuja, and Silverbird Showtime, Port-Harcourt;

4.  Silverbird Cinemas(, which is currently the largest cinema chain in West Africa with over 50 screens in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Uyo and Accra, Ghana;

5. Silverbird Properties, which serves as management contractors for large, multi-faceted development projects comprising malls, hotels, convention centres and theme parks. Silverbird Properties currently operates mainly in Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa states, but plans to expand to all the states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory in 2013.
Career Highlights:

Mr. Murray-Bruce was recently appointed chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN). He has served as a member of the National Arts Theatre management board, the Federal Film Censors Board, the board of the Nigerian Film Corporation, the National Film Distribution Company, the Nigerian anti-piracy action committee, and for four years he was the Director General of the Nigerian Television authority (NTA) – Africa’s largest television network. 

Mr. Murray-Bruce has also served as an Executive Director of the Black Music Association of America with Quincy Jones, Dick Griffey, and Stevie Wonder. He served as Executive Director of a collation for a free Africa with the Late President Samora Machel of Mozambique and the Rev. Jesse Jackson. 

In 2006, Mr. Murray-Bruce received the “This Day” award for being one of the “Top Ten” Significant Nigerian Businessmen. Other prestigious awards he has received include the University of Ibadan campus journalists’ “Showbiz Icon of the Year” Award in 2005, the Life Achiever Award from the Nigerian Achievers’ award institute in 2006, The Vivante Media Enterprise Award as “Champion for Nation Building” in 2007, and the Women in Media (Nigeria) award for “Excellent Personality” in 2009.

The Silverbird Group(, which Mr. Murray-Bruce so tenaciously leads, was honoured in 2008 with an award as a “Superbrand” company in Nigeria for the company’s immense contribution to the advancement of entertainment and information via Radio and TV. 
Personal Information:
Mr. Murray-Bruce was born in Lagos in 1956. He is a Business Administration graduate of the University of Southern California in the United States. 

Mr. Murray-Bruce is a motivational speaker and a role model for Nigerian youth. He has spoken at various motivational and entrepreneurial seminars locally and internationally. He also serves as a director of companies in Nigeria and abroad.

Mr. Murray-Bruce is married to Evelyn. He has three boys and a girl. His eldest son, Jonathan, plays a corporate role within Silverbird Group(


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