Renowned  singer Folarin Falana, well known as Falz said, people are afraid to die, but nothing to live for.

Speaking as a guest on the the show, ’Today On STV,’ the rapper revealed that he is influenced by what happens around him.

The layer also said if he lives in an environment that is so chaotic and is not mirrored in his music, is a disservice.

Speaking further, the songwriter also stated that anyone doing his kind of music, should be ready for the worst, meaning that he is ready for the worst.

Concerning fighting for a course, the actor stressed that if one does not want to fight for a course, what then is the person living for?

On the rights to do his thing as an artist, Falz said regarless of the attempts by the powers that be, he has his fundamental right to express himself.

Speaking on his love for music above law, the singer said, when he was doing law, he rather enjoys music even though he was studying to become a lawyer.

On Fela being an influence, Falz said, as an Icon, one can adopt the good side of his life, instead photocopying someone, referring to the positive aspect of Fela’s life.

On his perception about life in general, Falz revealed that, in his quiet time, he has mixed feelings, frustration, sadness, worry, but the show has to go on.

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