A video of a white officer seriously shooting an African immigrant named Patrick Lyoya has been released by the police on Wednesday.

 According to the footage, the incident which occurred on April 4, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shows the 26 -year-old running from the officer following a traffic stop before he was shot in the back of the head after a scuffle over a stun gun.

 The video also revealed scenes of other things that happened: the officer who has not been named was heard telling Mr Lyoya to “let go” of his Taser, before the man was shot, as he lies face-down on the ground.

 Interestingly, the shooting of the black man has triggered reaction form many people, which has also led to protests.

 The whole scenario prompted the protesters to demand for the name of the police officer, stressing that it must be made public, while they gather on Wednesday outside the Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD)

 The victim has also been identified by the office of civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, as a national of Democratic Republic of Congo who had lived in Grand Rapids for about five years,  

 The State police are currently investigating the incident, while Crump is representing the Lyoya family.