Fast rising comedian Oreva, well known as Forever, said he paid his school fees with proceeds form comedy, when he was in school.

Speaking as a guest on the show, ‘’ Today on STV’’, Forever who was also a mechanical engineer said when he was in school, comedy was giving him money in school but it was not meant to be a career.

The graduate of University of Nigeria also stated that he started telling jokes in 2007 and in 2010 it became a business stressing that his kind of comedy is conversational.

Concerning the is conception about his name, and how it emerged, Forever revealed that, people have called him all sort of names because they could not pronounce his real name Oreva.

Forever, in the cause of displaying his talent said that he is so intelligent to the extent that if his brain is sold, the proceeds will buy Ghana,

On his marital life and Valentine, the comedian stated that he is married and was busy on valentine’s day, stressing that he posted a video to tell people to go out and vote, and hanged out with his wife.

Forever also revealed that everybody can talk, and not everybody can do what comedians are doing emphasizing that, in the area of dealing with the audience, it is important to understand the psychology of the audience.

He also revealed that Nigerians need to wake up to understand that stand up comedians are different from those who do skits

Talking about his mentor, he mentioned Alibaba and said Basket Mouth is third generation comedian and he so passionate about comedy.

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