There is a common belief that dark complexioned people don’t need sunscreen.

It is completely false, although it has been discovered that melanin reduces the likelihood of contracting cancer as there are still chances of darker skin people to get skin cancer.

Sunscreen can protect the skin from ultra violet rays produced by the sun. There are tips for using sunscreen which are:

Buy a sunscreen suited for each skin type

Use sunscreen of a translucent color

Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out

Sunscreen should be used on face and body for proper protection

It can be used underneath make-up. It should be applied both on the face as, not using sunscreen can affect the appearance of the skin over time and not having sunscreen and lead to skin problem like wrinkles, sun spot, hyper pigmentation among others.

Avoid prolong sun exposure

Sun Protection Factor should be noted when buying some screens because the higher the SPF of some sunscreen product, the more protection it offers to the user. A good SPF starts from SPF 30 and above

Apply Sunscreen Every Two Hours. Apply sunscreen even if you are staying indoors. One once is enough, which is equal to two table spoons.

Make sure you are protected with these tips.

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