Fashion according to Edwin Okolo is building your community around your work.

Okolo, who is the creative director of a fashion outfit studio Imo, speaking on the foremost fashion show Page 3, said people who love one’s work, find each other, and they enjoy each other because they have a shared love for such person’s fashion work.

Okolo speaking further on how he started the brand revealed that him and his partner Imobong Ema started the business.

In the area of inspiration, the talented fashion expert stated that he is inspired by designers of African origins

On the meaning of the brand, Okolo said he calls the brand ‘’Imo’’ because, it means wealth in Ibibio and stressing that, ‘’Imo’’ brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and passion into everything he does.

Concerning the brand itself, Okolo revealed that, he originally started netware because he wanted to give gifts to his older sisters, and his grandma taught him how to net.

The fashion enthusiast spoke about his big break, as he stressed that his collaboration with a big brand, which he worked with opened his eyes to some other opportunities, emphasizing that he likes to experiment with different fabrics, and make cloths with materials around his environment

On the the designers that has inspired him, and bloggers, Okolo stressed that fashion bloggers have democratized fashion, because of their different ideas to fashion; and how they have made fashion more accessible, engaging.

Okolo sharing his knowledge about fashion and weather stated that, summer is more of a cultural than a meteorological thing.

On his concluding words concerning fashion, Okolo said, the most overrated thing that people tend to believe is that, fashion has to be in a magazine before it becomes valid; but in his own understanding, Ii is about building a community.

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