The fashion and accessories industry today has embraced dynamism, versatility and aesthetics, which makes it unique and appealing to most people; especially fashion enthusiasts.

In the midst of its uniqueness, comes the carefully knitted materials that have passed through the hands of professionals in the fashion industry.

The dynamism found in every lovely material in most cases, share the quality of well crafted designs that meets the standard of every die hard fashion lover.

Silverbird Television fast rising fashion show ‘’Page 3’’, has been able to identify another a fabulous fashion company that most fashion freaks around are already embracing.

In the midst of a plethora of fashion companies, comes Studio Imo and Ama Ariol, heralding their presence with quality materials, in ‘’The Republic’’.

According to page three, fashion enthusiast shared their views about the amazing collections and fabrics displayed by Ama Ariol and Imo at the republic.

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