Former president of Nigeria, General Olusegun Obasanjo has gone back to the farm to work.

According to The Nigerian News, the former Head of State who has a passion for agriculture was seen expressing it by practically going to his farm to work in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

As a result of this new development, many Nigerians have expressed their thoughts and made comments on social media, (Facebook) concerning the former president’s gesture.

In relation to the development by The Nigerian News platform, another reliable source, also revealed that the former chairperson of the African Union has a farm called Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited.

A comment by a Facebook user, Nevoh Carnice Chijioke read:

‘’Love or hate him. The man is an enigma. Always outwitting his rivals’’

Speaking about the former president’s personality and his decision to go and work on the farm, another Facebook user, Prince Romeo Chima Kelly said:

‘’ This is why this man is still strong, healthy and good to go, multi billionaire,yet still works, some niqqaz will just make 2M and say dey have arrived’’

Going back to his military history, Joy Peters Onogwu stated that old soldiers never die. In her words, she said:

‘’Old soldier never die… I guess baba is harvesting yam.. Unlike some farm that that a cow is getting lean and no increase.’’

It was also stated by the news platform that the farm which has been in operation since 1979, pioneered the mechanization of agriculture in Nigeria, also has the aim of producing more food to cater for large number of more people.