There is an increase in the number of EU citizens that are being prevented from entering the UK, in the past three months.

This development occurred despite huge reduction in travel because of Covid, Home Office Figures reveals.

Despite post-Brexit rules meaning they are allowed to visit the country without visas, a total of 3,294 EU citizens were prevented from entering the UK.

When air traffic was 20 times higher, it compares with 493 EU citizens in the first quarter of last year.

One vital aspect of the travel policies is the fact that if visitors are suspected of travelling to Britain to work or settle without meeting the new visa requirements, they can be stopped or detained and expelled.

Once Covid-19 restrictions are fully lifted, passenger air traffic from the EU is expected to jump almost 20-fold again, as experts are warning that the number of expulsions and detainees will also grow as a result.

Meanwhile, it has been recorded that most EU citizens were turned back at British-run frontier controls at European ferry ports or the Eurostar rail terminal in Paris, with 738 expelled after landing at airports or UK ferry terminals.