Fast rising Nigerian comedian, Ebiye says he is not hungry for money, but he wants the world to know about his talent.

Speaking as guest on the programme ‘Today On STV’ Ebiye who gave an example of why he said he is not hungry, stated further with an example of  his free show with the theme: ‘Its Funny But It Is True’ Which comes up on Sunday at Twelve Temple Ikoyi.

Ebiye highlighting what people should expect at the show said, apart from the fact that his show is free, both adults and children are invited.

On the reasons children can attend, the talented comedian stated that there will be a section of the venue which will be set aside for children, and they will be entertained with riddles and jokes.

Ebiye, dishing out more information about his show said, since it is a free show some slots will be reserved for ladies, stressing that people should come and buy drinks and laugh.

As regards the number of tickets that has been booked, he said in a hall of about five hundred people, fifty two tickets are left.