The much awaited movie “76” wormed itself into Ozone Cinemas Yaba on Wednesday in a press screening that has Senator of the Federal Republic, Ben Murray Bruce.

Before it is set for cinematic release from the 25th of November, journalists were given opportunity to critic the true life event of a coup de’tat that changed the history of Nigeria.

The event that heralded the beginning of another military regime to be led by Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo.

How the Nigeria Head of State, Gen. Murtala Mohammed was cut down by one of his allies Lt. Col Suka Dimka and how wives of great soldiers, men of valour were put in the past. 

Speaking at the media screening, Senator Ben-Bruce, described “76” as a great job that has come out of Nigeria, calling on Nigerians to embrace “Made in Nigeria’ products.

He commended the effort of the producer, Mr. Tonye Princewill, saying that the film had revealed how intelligent Nigerians could be.

To him, when God distributed intelligence, he distributed it evenly to all parts of the world, including Nigeria.

As he put it “We must support Made in Nigeria product, we must support made in Nigeria hard work.”  

“76” encapsulates the story of love and the removal of the Nigeria Head of State, Murtala Mohammed. Here the heroes exhibit the treason, intrigue, patriotism and faith behind the coup.

It highlights a period of transition and political instability in 1976. it is inspired by real-life events that led to the assassination of Gen. Murtala Muhammed and the events that followed immediately.

Speaking on the movie, the Executive producer, Adonijah Owiriwa said "Military coups were our legacy. In some ways, we are still trying to recover from this.

Everyone sees and hears the perspective of the officers. But the woman’s story stays silent. We wanted to highlight the strength and the vulnerabilities of the typical African woman through the eyes of officers’ wives"

Present at the press screening include, the producer Tony Princewill, Roy Bruce, Guy Bruce, the Director Izu Ojukwu Memry Savanhu who plays Eunice in the movie.