Ijeoma Tagbo

Daniel K. Daniel is an actor in the 76, a new Nollywood movie. He was a guest of “Today On STV” where he expressed his feeling about the great movie.

He said that when the movie was premiered in Toronto, Canada on the September 11, 2016 the viewers really acknowledged the movie.

Secondly, it was premiered on the 15th of October 2016 after the movie was screened 'it was a great depiction and also a perfect film showing the masterpiece' comments from a viewer 

He stated that it was really very long journey in producing the movie. A lot of work was kept into it, it took them two years to get the armies approval and some items from the 70's to use.

There was enough hard work in the movie 76', he expressed that they spent at about six months on set, there was 2-3 months of training from the soldiers at the army base. It’s not about the gun blazing and all that it’s about revealing the story that happened in the 76'.

"I jumped into the project because it’s a true life event, it’s a military story but told from a different perspective. The soldiers wife, military officers wife, a couple in love and relieve that period in time" he said

There's been great review, it will be premiered on the 3rd of November, 2016 which is tomorrow and at the cinemas on the 23rd of November 2016.

He also expressed that the movie directors, producers and Ramsey Nouah, Rita Dominic, Adonai Owiriwa, Debo Oguns and himself will be live tomorrow at Continental Hotel, Lagos while the red carpet starts by 6pm.

'I Got the Best Actor This Year on a military inclined movie.  Thanks To 76 Movie. He Is So excited He Said he Shot the Movie In 2012,Its 4years" he exclaimed