The African continent has 17 percent of the world’s population, and 1.3/ 1.4 inhabitanants, but there are less than one percent of global patent which automatically makes it a continent of doers and consumers; not thinkers.

The author of the book To Everyman a Brain Mr. Kenny Salami, affirmed that Nigerians are not thinking and not productive.

Speaking as a guest on the programme “Today on STV”, he said Nigerians need to start changing their perspective and think along the line of making a difference.

Laying emphasis on idea, Mr Kenny said idea will always remain the capital and the rest is money, because the best opportunities lie in the most disadvantaged nations stressing that, it is when there is chaos, such opportunity thrives.

Comparing Nigeria to other countries, Mr. Kenny stated that, all those other nations are extremely structured in their ways, meaning that there is very little to offer and but the opportunities are everywhere.

He said further that, a number of Nigerians including the youths, have misplaced priorities, giving an example that youths have misplaced priorities, which is a major issue with the educational system in Nigeria.

Speaking further on what matters to youths Mr, Kenny revealed that, what defines life and what matters to them more is their status and look, rather than their intellect emphasising that they spend very little time in investing in the capacity to change in terms of the value perspective, and spend a lot of money, time and resources on other things.

On the way out and the way forward on the issue, Mr. Kenny said there are training programmes that a lot of people can go for, mentioning vocational skill programme, presentation skill, public speaking, conflict resolution, very few programme to change the mind, as part of them.

In his closing words,  Mr. Kenny revealed that his own role to savage the situation is the establishment of his training academy called “I Date”, “Innovation Idealation Place” to train people to do something meaningful with their lives.