By Philip Atume

Senator Murray Bruce has said that Rwanda as a country is a product of good leadership, and this has reflected in the transformation the country, through President Paul Kegami.

He made his statement from the angle of almost 24hrs electricity being made available to the citizens of Uganda and his call for restructuring; in episode 13 of his “common sense advocacy”.

Making reference to those who are against restructuring, he laid emphasis on Uganda’s war situation 25 years ago, and how they survived the situation as a result of good leadership.

He stated further that, “Good leadership will give a country more wealth than oil. Without oil and gas, one man has provided the leadership that has made Uganda the tech capital of Africa”.

Quoting John C Maxwell, an authority in Leadership, he said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. In his own words, he said, “Leadership is the solution of the calls for division and secession because a great leader attracts great following, and knows how to unite a stable country built on social justice”.  

He also said it is Leadership that will bring Nigeria out of poverty not oil. So, rather than sell their vote, or vote based on Ethnicity, Religion, or Region; they should rather maximize their opportunity to make the choice of a good leader, in the 2019 elections.

In his concluding words, he said only leadership can change the situation of Poverty, power outage, high cost of food, transportation and unpaid salaries.