Senator Ben Murray Bruce representing Bayelsa East has attributed the present economic recession to bad policy and incompetence of the current Government.

Speaking as guest, on the Late Morning Show, Rythm FM, Murray Bruce stated that, he decided not to return to senate for a personal reason.

As he put it, ” I decided not to contest again because I do not like being in a place for too long. No senator in Bayelsa East has done two terms.”

The outspoken lawmaker also shared his view on President Muhammadu Buhari’s Independence anniversary speech on October 1st  saying that, Nigeria, should not be run in fear, but taxes on products should be reduced.

Reiterating his experience so far as a senator representing Bayelsa East, he said Development in Bayelsa is very difficult because, politics is their way of life which makes it a serious issue for them to seek public office.

He stated further that Bayelsa is pure hell, and he did his best to construct roads in Bayelsa, agitated against the bad government, inflation, high debt situation, even in opposition; stressing that his successor will continue from there.

On Nigerian economy, Murray-Bruce said the country is battling with incompetent leaders as he called on government  to device a means of reducing the cost of living and increase the pay of ordinary workers.

On the issue of minimum wage, the senator  lamented that it was so bad that only  few states could pay N18,000.00, urging the government to create a balance for minimum wage.

Concerning the Herdsmen attack, the senator described Zamfara as a dangerous zone to live in; revealing that, the herders had taken over the state. “I can only advise President Buhari to solve the problem now to abate breakdown of law and order” He said.

He further revealed that the reason for the crisis in Zamfara is because the herders are mining  Gold after getting a licence from Abuja.

In the senator’s closing words, he emphasised on the importance of “movement”, sighting an example that, Hilary Clinton lost to Barrack Obama because it was a movement and that one of the ways to defeat APC is through a movement.

“Nigerians should begin to see now that Atiku Abubakar is the right candidate to face President Buhari after getting nomination through a movement” He said.