Some concerned persons and organisations have warned that the global food recession is inevitable, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, which has left many dead.

The World Trade Organization Director-General, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has proposed some ideas to help mitigate the consequences, after warning that the world’s food crisis could last until 2024 unless safe corridors are created to move Ukrainian food stocks currently blockaded by Russia.

Iweala made this statement while speaking at a press conference on policy outlook for trade and food at the on-going World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

As the invasion continues, United Nations World Food Programme Executive Director, David Beasley also talked about a potential food supply crisis.

The head of the World Bank, David Malpass also warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could trigger a global recession as the price of food, energy and fertiliser moves up.

Speaking during US business event on Wednesday Malpass said, it is difficult to “see how we avoid a recession”.

Iweala also said, “The food crisis, if we don’t get these safe corridors out, is going to last another year or two, to be honest with you.”

Another perspective to the crisis is the effects of coronavirus as Malpass is of the view that a series of coronavirus lockdowns in China is adding to concerns about a slowdown.

His comments are the latest warning over the rising risk that the world economy may be set to contract.