A Cardinal in New Zealand’s Catholic Church, Cardinal Dew, has formally apologized on Friday to the survivors abuse within the church.

Speaking on behalf of the New Zealand Catholic Church, Cardinal Dew, who is the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Wellington and Metropolitan of New Zealand, and the president of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, stated that its systems and culture must change.

Cardinal Dew said, “Today, recognizing the importance of this moment, I apologize to you, on behalf of the bishops and congregational leaders of the Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand,”

“I also apologize to you on behalf of those who preceded us as bishops and congregational leaders. We offer no excuses for their actions, or for ours, that have caused you harm.”

Cardinal Dew’s comment in Auckland was part of witness statements being recorded from faith-based institutions at the Abuse in Care inquiry that is underway to resolve historic and current abuse claims, CNN reports.