Two female Law students from the University of Lagos, Durodoluwa Femi-Ajala and Chizulu Uwolloh have shared their experience as United Nations delegates.

They said as representatives, their school represented the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and they won the most prestigious award which is the Outstanding Delegates Award.

Speaking as guests on the programme ‘Today On STV’, Durodoluwa and Chizullu both elucidated on what National Model United Nations meant; revealing that, it is a simulation of the United Nations conference where people come together to represent nations to discuss about issues and find solutions to them.

Durodoluwa said It is all about learning about the policies of different countries, and it is like going to represent one’s country as an ambassador or a diplomat.

Speaking further she stated that it is the sixth time that their school has been regulated and their Job is to train and prepare selected delegates on how to present speech and write resolutions and others.

Chizullu stated that most of their students are from Unilag and other schools; and she was saddled with the responsibility of training and preparing students for the conference, as it happens in Unilag every year, in August

As for a lot of students that go to school and do not know about other activities that are happening in school, Durodoluwa stated that in her own case, her inspiration came from her passion for things beyond her environment.

On the inspiration for Chizulu Uwolloh She said she started when she was sixteen, at a young age where she helped victims of Ebola, which was a stepping stone to her intentions and achievement.

Concerning the award, she said they collected awards as a team and individual awards, and on the committee she represented, she revealed that Pakistan as a country loves Peacekeeping which was in context with their topic.

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