His Hallelujah Challenge has been an online hit since it started on June 1.

Gospel Sensation Nathaniel Bassey can be said to have made the word "Olowogbogboro" very popular when he started streaming praise sessions live across social media. For those of you wondering, Olowogbogboro is a Yoruba word which means "The Outstretched Arm of God".

Each streaming session has an average of 40,000 viewers on Instagram alone as fan and celebrities stay up till 12-1pm to join "Nathaniel Blow" as he praises God with other worshippers.

Less than 24hrs ago, he dropped a new single titled…. you guessed right "Olowogbogboro". If you are familiar with the lyrics of his previous song "Onise Iyanu", you will notice that in the first verse he said "The words you speak turns things around, Your Outstretched Arm has lifted me". 

Safe to say Onise Iyanu might have inpired his new single? You be the judge of that but "Olowogbogboro sure has all the elements of a hit. Listen below