Myanmar’s security forces on Sunday opened fire on peaceful protesters, leaving several people dead and other injured people in a pool of blood.

After the attack on the protesters, bodies were seen lying on the streets and other injured people were taken away with bullet wounds peppering their limbs.

So far, it has been recorded that this is most violent and deadly crackdown on peaceful demonstrators since February 1.

On the number of casualties, the United Nations Human Rights Office confirmed that at least 18 people died and more than 30 were injured. This occurred as police attempted to extinguish a month-long nationwide protest.

At the moment, one of the most talked about about scenario which is being shared widely on social media, is a nun in northern Kachin state, whose her hands were raised, knelt on the ground and pleaded with a line of riot police to stop arresting protesters.

In reaction to the development, Charles Maung Bo, the archbishop of Yangon and Myanmar’s first Catholic cardinal, said on Twitter: “Myanmar is like a battlefield.”

Another notable scenario was a report of police using lethal force against peaceful demonstrators, which involved thousands of people taking to the streets, before midday. Their gesture this time was a call for the military to hand back power.