President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his confidence in the President of the Senate, Dr. Bukola Saraki will depend on the outcome of Saraki’s case with Code of Conduct Tribunal.

The president said this during a chat with a journalist at the United Nations General Assembly, New York, adding, “The case is in court, will Nigerians expect me to tell the court not to try the senate president? Do Nigerians know about the constitution of their own country? The judiciary, the legislature and the executive have got their own roles as far as the constitution of the country is concerned.

“How do they expect me to interfere? I can be successfully impeached if I do it.”
Asked about his view on the 84 senators who passed vote of confidence on Saraki on Tuesday, President Buhari said, “My confidence on President of the Senate will depend on the outcome of the court’s decision.”

However, he said he would continue to perform his duties with the senate president in line with the constitution. “I have been writing to the senate president and leaders of the house, this is constitutional.”
On the delay in the appointment of his ministers, the president said that he could not mention their names until the senate ratifies them. “I can’t give you the names of my ministers because it will be illegal until the senate clears them but I have known who and who I have to be my ministers,” he said. 

He also spoke on his failure to attend meeting on Boko Haram at UNGA, saying that he was not invited and that he would not like to gatecrash.
“Unless I’m invited or Nigeria is invited with ticket I can’t go. However, everybody knows that we are serious about Boko Haram. The international community knows that we are very serious about eradicating insurgency,” he said.

Speaking about stolen funds, President Buhari stated that he would not like to give figures due to legal implications but that some funds had been recovered and the prosecution would follow.
“I can’t give figures now because of the legal implication. It is much easier to talk, what we are doing is to collect data. Every ship that is loading our crude from our terminals we are supposed to know how much is lifting in the name of who is lifting it. How much it has taken on behalf of who is lifting it, whether it is NNPC, Mobil, Shell, and Chevron and so on.

“And where are they going and which account is the money going. We have gone quite far in that aspect. Because some people take petroleum and later change their direction on the high sea and later direct the money into individuals account.
We want all these records so that we can prosecute. We can’t mention the details so as not to compromise the legal process,” he posited.