Written By Titilayo Olatunji
Mr India, Rohit Khandelwal came top in the Mr World competition after drilling challenges and competitions with Nigeria’s representative Amilo Michael and 44 other contestants.

The contestants of Mr World 2016 arrived at Southport on the 9th of July, after which their orientation started. 

 After days of competitions which include; the sports and extreme part 1 and 2, the omelette challenge, grueling and sand Dunne run, multimedia challenge which Mr Poland came top, and the 10 tonne challenge.

Mr Poland came top in the multimedia challenge, while Scotland, England and Mexico came top in the sports competition, Amilos Michael also participated in the omelette challenge and his team the green team won the tonne challenge.

 23 years old Rohit Khandelwal from India came top in the competition with Fernando Alvarez from Puerto Rico coming second and Esparza Ramirez from Mexico coming third. The competition was hosted by former contestants Frankie and Jordan.

He was awarded on Tuesday evening the 19th of July 2016 at the Southport theatre and convention center in UK. Mr World 2016 is traveling to London today to speak to the press on his success, and knowledge of what will happen in the years ahead.