This story captures the lives of four Nigerian women at the pinnacle of their careers, love and life in general. Tola(Dakore Akande), Elizabeth (Iretiola Doyle), Maria (Omoni Oboli) and Kate (Nse Ikpe-Etim) are four friends in their 50's that go through life like any 50 year old woman in the middle class to take life by its horns.  An EbonyLife Films production, with Mo Abudu its executive producer and Biyi Bamidele as the movie's director.
Kate (Nse Etim)is an events planner whose husband Chike who is a jobless man who loves to gamble. She found a lump in her breast and keeps going to church to find her healing.
Tola (Dakore) is a diva with a reality TV show star who is rich and spoilt. "I have money to spend why can't you buy me nice things?!!!" Her character was raped by her dad and had a child by him whose husband Kunle doesn't love her but loves another woman that carries his child.
Elizabeth (Ireti Doyle) is a more complicated character than likes to be spoken about in our society, she's a renowned doctor that has a boyfriend, a toyboy if you may, that is ages younger than she is. Emmanuel Ikubese (Mr Nigeria) nailed the toy boy part very well, we even got a naked butt action from the hot reigning most stylish man in the Mr World competition.
Maria (Omoni Oboli)'s character of a successful  woman, a boss in the boardroom and she has an affair with a married man, Kunle (Wale Ojo) and gets pregnant for him which comes with being non apologetic for her action and inactions.
Totally being misunderstood showing that anything can happen in life are perfectly portrayed.
The extras in the movie are really good they went to great lengths to make it professional at the best way they could.
This movie talks about the painful topic of rape and family problems like how other people's meddling in the problem of others.
From one woman in church to another at an art auction the story was beautifully shot and well told with the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge as a focal point to constantly remind us of the middle- upper class' perspective.
This story was told in a Nigerian way and is very relatable for any Nigerian.
Good music found its way in the embodiments of the likes of King Sunny Ade, Afrobeat heavy weight Femi Kuti, German-Nigerian singer-songwriter Nneka with pop icon Tiwa Savage and the song bird that keeps you wanting more, Waje.
Budget for the movie– Access Bank financed.
They're hoping to fight piracy to use the power of ourselves to make sure this movie is not bought on the street/hold up.  
Another way devised is that piracy can be fought was with a promise that when and if you watch the movie you could stand the chance of winning  win prizes.
The movie is rated 18yrs…
The movie is going to be taken by Netflix service at about the same time the cinemas at around 18th December.