Culture Vs Modernity Meets Comedy.

Drawing a crowd of people during the press viewing, the movie  resonated with the press and movie watchers that seemed to like that the movie was exploring the cultural practice of mothers coming to help new mothers take care of their babies and show them the ropes of how it’s done.  The movie explores the role this rite plays in the modern society.

"My mom was very helpful to me when I had my daughter, it is good to have your mother with you because when it’s your first you need your mother to show you the ropes. The hospital will only keep you for a few days and I don't think we should let go of our traditions because that's what makes us unique as Africans"- Kate Henshaw said.

Producer, Kunle Afolayan spoke about the inspiration for the movie and why he vied away from his normal way of storytelling; "It has entertainment value to it, it has a cultural value to it, family values and production values! All these things put together in my opinion is what Nigeria needs right now".