Tottenham Hotspurs coach Jose Mourinho has reacted after getting updates of Heung-min Son’s injury.

Reports from reliable sources reveal that, Mourinho will be losing Heung-min Son for the foreseeable future because of a fractured arm.

Concerning the talented player’s injury blow Mourinho said, “The first thing it did was to break our hearts, the second thing was to break our team,”

Since the situation looks critical, the Tottenham manager said he is not counting on the South Korean to play again this season, having already predicted that Harry Kane will not return to the pitch until May.

The Portuguese also questioned the club’s “optimistic” prognosis of Son being out for “a number of weeks”

While Son’s injury blow is looming around, Tottenham have a task to deliver in tonight’s Champions League last-16 first leg against RB Leipzig.

The situation for Mourinho has undoubtedly become a tough one, after the loss of a second talisman that will definitely be a threat to his hard work since he was appointed as Spurs coach in November.

He said, “The situation couldn’t be worse.”