Philip Atume

President of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, MOSOP Mr. Legborsi Pyagbara, said the call for the relocation of the headquarters of the International Oil Companies to host communities is beyond security but about the “socio justice perspective.”

Speaking as a guest on the programme “Today on STV”, Pyagbara said if the IOCs are drilling oil within the region, they should also live within the region.

He explained further that the relocation would enable the companies to experience what members of such communities are experiencing in terms of environmental degradation and poor health conditions.

”This will help them to make better policies and company community relations,” he said.

He said the problem they have is not an isolated approach, but people are looking at the problem from national security stand point.

He stated that, “when you look at it from the “human security standpoint,” a holistic approach will emerge that captures job, human, environmental and health security issues.”

He also said If people are not having jobs, they will take extra means of survival; but If there is robust human security framework in the Police Force; addressing job, environmental, health and water insecurity, all these things will stop on its own

In his view, the Secretary General, Ijaw Youth Congress Mr. Alfred Nimizigha, said the region has been blackmailed with many things that are not true, adding that the relocation of IOCs will bring the necessary development.

According to him, insecurity and unemployment are some of those things that breed crime in our society today.

He said by the time they have the IOCs back in this region, it will create employment opportunities, boost internally generated revenue to provide more amenities and affect the socio-culture of the environment.

He stated further that the IOCs operate there, get their oil from there, pollute the environment, but they are not situated there; instead, in faraway Lagos paying taxes.

He said all they are requesting for is that the IOCs should stop the blackmail of saying that the environment is not safe.

He stressed that the IOCs should be more sensitive to their corporate social responsibility and cause more development there; so that other parts of the country can also develop within their comparative advantage.

He concluded that the logistics and infrastructure they need to operate is within. So the IOCs and cabals should stop the blackmail, making reference to the region as one of the most peaceful like California.