Media personalities, Moet and Nicole Abebe have shared views about their new TV show known as ”Spill The Tea” 

The Abebes said that the idea behind the project “Spill The Tea” is about trending issues that affect people, young ones especially.

Nicole who threw more light on the topic, stated that the project is about things that relate with everybody’s life, which is the reason in her own view, the catch phrase “Spill The Tea” is the best title for the project.

On uniqueness of the show, Moet said because they spill their own tea, the show will be interesting and appealing to people.

Topics like transactional sex, relationship dynamics, which has to do with breakups and others were mentioned as the areas they will concentrate on while the show starts.

According to them, the show will debut July 27, 2021 with 13 episodes.  

Look below for the video