A huge explosion has occurred in Ukraine’s second city, Freedom Square in central Kharkiv, after it was hit by a Russian strike.

The missile hit the regional government’s headquarters in the city near the Russian border.

Another vital area that was hit by the missile was Ukraine’s tech capital I Kharkiv, a city of 1.4m, which is also known as a residential area.

The development has prompted a statement from Ukraine’s President Zelensky who condemned the bombing of Kharkiv, tagging as a war crime, also stressing that civilians were being deliberately targeted.

Earlier, the bombing started from the Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. It attracted a huge convoy of Russian armoured vehicles, as satellite images show aboutmais advancing the region.

Surprisingly, the attacks have not stopped, rather; loud explosions were heard in the city overnight despite the peace talks that were held by world leaders.

Unfortunately, more of the victims have been soldiers. At least 70 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in a Russian artillery strike In the north-eastern city of Okhtyrka.