Miss Universe contestants from Singapore, Uruguay and Myanmar have come out to protest messages about political and social issues.

An opportunity which the contestants used to unleash their grievances was the “national costume” segment of the annual competition, which concluded Sunday in Florida.

Among the issues that were tabled by the three contestants were the ongoing political crisis in Myanmar, messages alluding to anti-Asian hate and discrimination against LGBTQ communities.

Some of the remarkable moments during the protest was when Miss Universe Singapore, Bernadette Belle Ong, unveiled a call to “Stop Asian Hate.”  She displayed a dramatic gesture by striding down the runway wearing an outfit inspired by the colors of Singapore’s national flag.

Support was expressed by Miss Universe Uruguay, Lola de los Santos for LGBTQ communities with a rainbow outfit and skirt reading, “No more hate, violence, rejection, discrimination.”

In a unique way, Miss Universe Myanmar, Thuzar Wint Lwin, unveiled hers on a small scroll.