Name: Ikubese Emmanuel
Height: 6feet 2inches
Age: 25
BIO( A short description of yourself)
My name is Ikubese Emmanuel. Am an actor, model and singer. Am from Delta state, a graduate, I studied international relations from the united states international univeristy, Nairobi kenya. I started off modelling while I was on campus and soon ventured into music and Acting. Have performed and done collaborations with a couple of big names in the industry both in East Africa and Nigeria. I also played a lead character in the Mtv award winning drama series "Shuga" an HIV awareness campaign. Have also done a couple of movies and t.v shows in kenya and Nigeria.

Best Movie: Fast and furious 6
Best Song: I love Afro beats
Favourite Sport (Participating and watching): Football
Best Food: Starch and owo soup
Occupation: Actor, model, singer
Favourite Quote: Without God am Nothing

What will your contribution be if you should become MR. Nigeria
If I become Mr Nigeria,I intend to be a good role model and also an inspiration to millions of youths and encourage someone to keep chasing after their dreams,also I love being part of campaigns that affect and change lives of people positively,one of such is the Mtv HIV/AIDS awareness project. I also hope to start up or join new life changing campaigns and projects.

What qualities should a MR.Nigeria title holder have
A Mr Nigeria should be charming,Ambitious,Well spoken, Smart, physically fit, well dressed, Humble, and above all strive to give back to the society in any possible way. And help others.

FUN FACTS(Example of A project you have ever participated in or organised, A time in you life you are particularly proud of or even your hobbies)
Am proud of being part of an HIV awareness campaign which has affected the lives of millions of youths worldwide positively and has affected their decision making to live a more careful lifestyle and also stop the stigma of HIV and AIDS.