American fast-food giant, McDonald’s is planning to sell its business in Russia and leave, due to the unpredictable operating environment in the country triggered by the war in Ukraine.

The company’s permanent decision follows sales of its 850 restaurants there, after 30 years of operation in the country.

Reacting to the exit and sale, the company in a statement on Monday said: “The humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, and the precipitating unpredictable operating environment, have led McDonald’s to conclude that continued ownership of the business in Russia is no longer tenable, nor is it consistent with McDonald’s values.”

Apart from McDonald’s the conflict and sanctions in Russia have triggered a mass departure of foreign corporations like Renault which has had difficulty keeping its operations going due to a lack of components following the imposition of Western sanctions.

The company also revealed it was looking to sell “its entire portfolio of McDonald’s restaurants in Russia to a local buyer” and after the sale, the restaurants would no longer be able to use the McDonald’s name, logo, branding or menu.

“We’re exceptionally proud of the 62,000 employees who work in our restaurants, along with the hundreds of Russian suppliers who support our business, and our local franchisees,” chief executive Chris Kempczinski said.