The journey to stardom always begin with a step.

Today, 37 beautiful ladies across the country join the race to become the next Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.

Just like Agbani Derego and many of her successors; participating in the MBGN pageant comes with courage amidst challenges among the contesting ladies.

It is a journey that is  not only planned to exhibit beauty but also to reveal the grains of wit among the contestants.

They will be in camp for a few weeks to familiarise and of course learn new things that could daze millions of audience who will eventually pick the worthy queen at the grand finale in September.

The MBGN pageant throws before the contestants, various challenges that will test their courage and launch to the world the most beautiful among the 37.

Beauty is not hidden   but then it is more revealing when on display. The 37 girls will be expected to display their inner being, which of course is the real beauty.

The journey begins!

Below are photos from the event