By Bassey Ubaha

With emotional laden voices, the beautiful ladies brought the memories of their past to the present and even to their co-contestants.

They sat to form a circle and delicately curled around their pillows as they listened with rapt attention to various stories.  Dressed in their pajamas, the girls did not hesitate to share their thought provoking life experiences.

It was a night of passion and bond for the contestants as they opened up to heal their past. Speaking to most of the ladies they all seemed to share the same opinion saying that the slumber party was Fun,

“It is a wonderful and relaxing outing from stressful activities. The ladies simply described the party as family time.

On whether they will keep in touch with one another after the pageant, the answer was obvious.

This year's Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant is proudly sponsored by the the Cross River state government. The event is slated to hold on October 24 at the Calabar International Conference.