A clash that involved Yoruba and Hausa traders at the Ilepo Market in the Oke Odo area of Lagos State has left two dead and many others injured.

According to a reliable source gathered the drama started from an error made by a Hausa porter, well known as Alabo or Bolar boy Who  mistakenly hit a Yoruba man with the tray he was using to convey goods for traders.

The mistake transcended into a fight as a result of a disagreement between the two persons and escalated.

After the argument got heated, different persons, disguising like street urchins from both ethnic groups took over the fight, which attracted other people.

After the fight started, Policemen from the Oke Odo Division deployed in the area were reported to have shot in the air to disperse the hoodlums and bullets hit one of the Bolar boys.

The scene was not favourable to the Hausa people which made them mobilised and stormed the Ilepo Market with stones, bottles and arrows, looting goods and injuring people.

The Yoruba were said to have assembled at a side of the road, as the two groups blocked the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway and attacked one another.

Police teams consisting of the Rapid Response Squad, Lagos State Task Force on Environment and Sanitation (Enforcement) Unit and Mobile Police, later calmed the situation and restored traffic flow, which had been stalled by the affray.

Broken bottles, tomatoes, pepper, oil and tubers of yam littered the expressway, as many traders lamented their losses estimated at millions of naira.

Source: Punch