Manchester United legend, Eric Cantona is set to return to Old Trafford as an ambassador.

According to The Mirror, in a bid to reminisce former glory, Manchester United are keen to keep up their long tradition of living in the past and bring the maniac back to Old Trafford.

The idea which is essentially being rolled out for a public appearance in the club’s name every now and then is going through a brain storming process at the moment.

Similar scenario can be related to the ones Denis Irwin and 90min favourite Bryan Robson have served in the past.

With a close observation, there are prospects that with good reason, he would be a major draw for roadshows and other events, as the 53-year-old remains an immensely popular figure at the club.

An example can seen in a status whereby he once literally kung-fu kicked a Crystal Palace fan for shouting some not-so-nice things about his native France.

On his career while at the club, it has been recorded in history that Cantona is widely regarded as Sir Alex Ferguson’s best signing for the club. He has also

scored 81 goals in his 179 appearances for the club after his controversial move from Leeds United in 1992.