A transition charter has been rejected by the opposition coalition which led mass protests in Mali ahead of last month’s coup.

According to BBC, the country’s military leadership agreed to establish an 18-month interim government until an election takes place, on Saturday.

This development occurred, following three days of talks with opposition and civil society groups.

Meanwhile, the M5-RFP group, which took part in the negotiations, said the resulting document was an attempt by military leaders to “grab and confiscate power”.

It disclosed further that the document did not take into account what it said was a majority vote for a civilian interim leader, and “did not reflect the views and decisions of the Malian people”.

Moreover, the military leadership says a civilian or a soldier can fill the role but West Africa’s regional bloc, Ecowas, had also called for the interim president to be a civilian.

On the way forward, it as concluded that, the interim charter announced by the military leaders also states that an interim legislative body is to be established comprising M5-RFP members.

At the moment, Mali is struggling with intense Islamist and ethnic violence, as well as a faltering economy.