The CEO of Onigele Craft Company, Tolu Adedara says, headgear popularly known by Nigerians as ‘Gele’, is phenomenal.

Speaking as a guest on foremost fashion show ‘Page 3’, the creative director and head facilitator at the Onigele Academy said Gele tying is beyond wrapping of the head.

Stating further, Tolu said, in this part of the world, women are priceless as the makeup and clothes that a woman wears is not complete without the Gele, which is also known as the headgear.

Tolu who is also a university graduate said that Head gear tying is one way in which he expresses himself to what he is doing and thinking.

Tolu revealed that when it comes to the tying of Gele, it looks outstanding because fashion has broken barriers in the area of tradition, regardless of the fact that one is an Igbo, Hausa, or Yoruba person.

Comparing the contemporary period with the former period in the business, the headgear expert said, he has gone to school to bring innovation, style, and uniqueness, into the business, changing the perception that Head gear tying is meant for those who are not learned.

Talking about the basics to tying Gele, Tolu revealed that it has its own techniques, depending on the style that one wants to tie, stressing that every style has its own formula

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