Fashion designer Victoria Beckham on Saturday launched her own fashion line, ‘’Victoria Beckham Beauty’’, online.

Using models to wear new beauty products, the former Spice Girl has expanded her brand into the beauty industry, especially with the spring/summer show at London Fashion Week, on Sunday.

Victoria Beckham Beauty is the co-creation of Beckham and beauty executive Sarah Creal, who previously worked with brands including Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford and Estee Lauder.

To show that business has fully started business, Beckham began teasing the line on Instagram last week, sharing photos of the line’s logo and packaging before revealing the products.

The initial drop includes four tonal eyeshadow palettes or “Smoky Eye Bricks,” as well as a cream glitter eyeshadow in four shades and a kajal eye pencil in three.

The uniqueness of Victoria Beckham Beauty website has reflected in, the brand philosophy which comprises “safety, transparency, education, and inclusivity.”

The website goes beyond just having beauty products but updates about modern beauty are embedded in there.

An example suffices in a behind-the-scenes video shared on the brand’s Instagram, Beckham says, “When developing all of the makeup, we said that we wanted to be incredibly inclusive, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

She educated the public about skin types. She said, ”we all have completely different skin types, we’re all completely different colors, completely different ages, and we’re all wearing the same makeup.”

Source: CNN