Ready or not, Twitter's new profiles are coming. Announced early last month, the profile update will soon be required for everyone on the service. Beginning May 28, all Twitter users will have the new profile, which has already been rolled out to new users and some existing users in the past month.

It's unclear how many people currently have the new profile, which features larger profile and header images, new timeline views and the ability to pin a tweet to the top of a profile page. Based on Twitter reaction to the design change, it appears that a number of users are still using the old layout (and aren't happy about the impending switch). The largest point of contention appears to be the new profile's resemblance to another popular social network: Facebook. Many users don't like the Facebook look, or prefer that Twitter distinguish between the two services more clearly. Both profiles include a larger, square profile picture, a cover image that spans the length of the feed, and the ability to Like or follow a user above the stream of content. Here's how the two profiles look side by side:

The new Twitter profile (top) compared to the Facebook profile.