Fashion and clothing line owners have reacted to the effects of the deadly COVID-19 on the fashion industry.

The effects of the pandemic on business globally has made business owners, especially the creative director and CEO of TT Dalk,  Temilade, Tolulope Osifade share his view on the show, Entertainment Weekly describing it as a time for change in the fashion industry.

Osifade did not only talk about the situation, but spoke about his perspective of fashion, referring to it as style, and what it means to fashion enthusiasts; now that the pandemic is surging and affecting the fashion business.

He said, “It’s been a different ball game entirely because first and foremost, fashion is style.  Why are you buying clothes? Because it is probably an outing or you wanna look good or you wanna represent somewhere, have fun pretty much,’

” And if there is equally no where to go, it becomes a challenge for designer! Retailers, Social media, has made fashion and style come out in the sense whereby is not just that I have to be at a function or I have to be at an event before I look good. It could be at the comfort of your house and you are taking great pictures.”

Speaking on the role of social media as an alternative solution to the situation, it has been discovered that away from sales, the social media has also shut down fashion show globally.