Fashion expert, Amaka Osakwe well known as Maki Oh, is back in town After taking a break from the New York Fashion Week.

The Lagos designer, with her distinctive take on artisanal Nigerian fabrics, has amassed a small but highly engaged fan base.

Osakwe with her creative thoughts, began to see the wants and needs of the globally minded, artistically inclined women who wear her clothes with fresh eyes.

There was indeed a subtle shift in direction evident in the clothes she showed today, from day to evening. As far as new inspiration goes, though, Osakwe always pulls from a disparate set of references.

The secret language of her prints is half the fun and has its roots in centuries-old Nigerian textile traditions: Consider that each of the patterns employed in adire, the indigo-dyeing technique she is known for, symbolizes something different.

That said, the main touch point for the new collection—The Boondocks, Cartoon Network’s wildly popular animated adult sitcom—might still throw you for a loop.

With a new focus on evening, Maki Oh has the potential to be an indispensable resource for this new generation of socially conscious red carpet stars.

Look below for the video