Beauty expert Afolabi Doyinsola said people should identify a problem and proffer a solution to the problem.


Speaking as a guest on the foremost lifestyle show, ‘’Page 3’’, the CEO of BeautyLine by Didi revealed that people should not go into a business because everyone is doing the business and rushing into it, but they should have passion for such business before delving into it.

According to the former investment analyst, she said her beauty cosmetic brand was found in 2016; but and got rebranded in 2017.

Concerning the growth of the business, the beauty enthusiast stated that her beauty line is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with at least 150 branches in the world.

As for solution, in respect to her brand, the beauty entrepreneur said she has about 80-20 percent margin, considering the fact that twenty percent of Nigerians can afford luxury stuff, while eighty percent can’t afford luxury stuff, stressing that they prefer to go and buy their products in stores where they are affordable.

As regards the decision to cater for the percentage of Nigerians that need quality products, the consultant stated that, she has decided to make products that are not cheap but affordable.

Speaking further, she revealed that her decision has given her a feeling that she has captured more of eighty percent because as the eighty percent use the products, the twenty percent hears about it.

On the issue of identifying the problem and proffering the solution, Didi said she identified the problem, provided a solution by creating an international brand, made it affordable and maintained the quality of an international brand.

Considering sharing knowledge about her business, Didi also stated that she listens to the ideas of clients, her staff and others; which helps her.

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