A tech expert, Adeloye Olanrewaju said most single people usually have wrong impressions about relationship.

Speaking as a guest on ‘Today On STV’ Adeloye stated that preparation is key, stressing that, young people have to be prepared, physically, emotionally, financially and psychologically.

Emphasizing on the financial aspect, Adeloye who is also an expert in the Baby Migo Mums business said he has a company, and has developed an APP that teaches women on how to do Ante Natal, prepare for delivery, and ask questions about the whole process.

On the response of people concerning the business, the beneficiary of Queen of England’s recognition said, everyday there are experts that come on the platform to do findings.

Stating further, Adeloye stated that, the experience was the best for him, because he started from his room, and the queen of England recognised all that he was doing.

Concerning how he was identified, Adeloye said the queen of England was looking for somebody across the Common wealth countries that has done something interesting and has to do with what he is doing, and she sent for him.

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