As the day goes by, innovations are springing up in various sectors and the fashion sector is not an exemption.

In the fashion industry the Local fabric popularly called “Ankara”’ in Nigeria has made its mark.

One of the things that has kept the fashion sector going is the fact that people within this sector have been able maximize opportunities c creatively.

Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder, but the beauty in fashion world is mostly appreciated by fashion enthusiasts who have an eyes for fashion

The yearnings for people to use the local fabric for the different styles of attire have increased. Formally, most people think the local fabric as its name implies will be used only for traditional events or occasions.

Interestingly, most Africans, especially Nigerians that love fashion have decided to put on their creative thinking caps, to create beautiful designs with the Ankara material.

The local fabric now come in various designs and look, as the styles are not restricted to a particular pattern but the local fabric can now be designed to look like the modern day fabric.