The world of fashion will definitely cannot be complete without the presence of the plus size ladies, especially in the area of the role they play in the fashion world.

Today, just the way the slim ladies, and models are admired, the same way the plus size ladies attract admirers all over the place.

For the plus size ladies to remain significant in the fashion industry, there are fashion patterns and style that they can imbibe that will bring out the theatrical and artistic outlook embedded in them. It is called the Plus Size Fashion Tips.

The first on the list is: for them to Embrace Their Curves. In many cases, some ladies try to cover up their curves using bigger clothes. This does not bring out their real shape and curves. So the best thing is to put on fitting fabrics.

The second tip is: Don’t Rule Out Colours. The same way colour in fashion is important, it is also important when talking about plus size. Plus size ladies should not limit themselves to few colours, they need to imbibe textual fabric, structural outfit, use neutral if required and they play with colours.

Wide Belts Always Work is the third plus size fashion tip. It does the job of nipping in at the narrowest part of the body as they are real assets to curvy girl’s wardrobe.

Wear All One Colour: If a plus size lady chooses one colour, it is advisable to wear the same colour, especially if it is a gown they are putting on

Patterns Are Also Perfect, is the fifth. because of its nature, pattern may be confusing to the eys, not focusing on any part of the body. They are the ultimate in illusion dressing.

Wear What Makes You Happy: the plus size ladies are always advised to dress up in what makes them happy, especially a crop top will help exude confidence, and look good.

Be Aware Of Where Your Pieces Fall: plus size ladies should not let their outfit fall on the widest part of your body, because the eyes will definitely be drawn to that part of the body.

Avoid High Necklines: if a plus size lady has a full bust, they should stay away from high necklines. Once there is a decent part of the skin showing, it balances the look.

Jackets are awesome for plus size ladies, they bring out their beauty.

Free Free To Accesorise: the importance of accessories should not be underestimate as they add beauty to the plus size ladies

Look below for videos of plus size ladies from the Plus Size Fashion Week