Any element of clothing which is worn on one’s head is mostly referred to as  Headgear, head wear or head dress.

The Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Hoods, Headscarves and Helmets are common head gears that one can find around.

Symbolic significance of head gears especially when monarchy, royalty and special crowns are mentioned, reminds fashion enthusiasts of tradition.

Contemporary fashion experts like Oyinye have revealed that most designers are currently imbibing the ethnic fashion style.

Speaking as a guest on the fashion segment of “Page 3”, the fashion entrepreneur stated that the head piece announces ones arrival without speaking.

Mrs. Oyinye also said, since women are supposed to cover their hair always, they are trying to bring the norm into fashion.

Concerning the ideal way to use head gears, the fashion enthusiast said, what will be put on the hair depends on the clothes; stressing that, If the cloth looks dramatic, then a cocktail hat will do, or something minimal.

Mrs Oyinye in her closing words, urged ladies to really appreciating  head gears because it  helps in ones appearance.

Look below for more pictures of head gears.