Popular Charity Worker, Princess Modupe Ozolua, has given reasons why she has taken more of her works to other Africa countries rather than Nigeria.

Speaking as a guest on the programme “Today on STV”, founder of  charity organisation Empower 54,  said there are hundreds of Internally Displaced Persons camp around Africa that needs urgent attention, like those in Nigeria.

She stated that, her charity work spreads across many African countries including Congo; but her head office is in Atlanta USA.

She revealed that the reason Nigeria does not really need money is because monies and materials meant for the less privileged does not go to those concerned.

She said so many countries have IDPs, not only Nigeria; which is the reason she has put more of her focus on other countries.

She concluded, saying that, “fund raising is not quite a very easy task; one has to be very strategic about it because everybody needs money for something.”