The creative director of Nathan Cole Garments,  Badeshere Aboyade Cole said he is doing his collection called Liberta 2019.

Speaking as a guest on the fashions segment of Page 3, the fashion exper said Liberta means freedom, which means to be liberated.

Concerning the how Liberta emerged, Cole said the idea came from the conventional situation whereby there are always some specific things going on in the society, whereby people have to hang on to one thing or pattern and color or a type of dress sense.

Speaking further on Liberta, Cole said it is a short story; stressing that, to tell the story, one has to be free, especially from the selection of colors, adding that freedom is where he wants to be.

Giving an example of the clothes, in the area of design and color, Cole said everything he had on the hanger cannot be worn by one person but different people and not restricted to a particular occasion.

Another fashion freak, Ayo Alasi also said, a man should feel free to express himself, emphasizing an example of flower that, doing such is all about freedom.

On the changes that has taken place, Cole said, then, men used to put on Black, Blue, Brown and others, but today, there is a transition from putting on those colours, to the current ones.