The current edition of ‘’Let’s talk’’, a segment anchored by Shade Ladipo, talks about ‘challenge’.


Shade elucidating and sharing her views about ‘challenges’ said one thing people should realise is that challenge achieves the aim of controlling an individual.

For more understanding of what a challenge is all about, Shade talked about various challenges, like: the FU challenge, the Cinnamon challenge, and the H Factor challenge.

Speaking further, she went ahead to ask a vital question: she said, what is the aim of a challenge? In her response, for a clue to the question, she said may be a video is about to be shot, one might be told to act a particular role.

In terms of promotion, she said it is good because it promotes the brand, and at the end of the day, it is effective, even though person involved is controlled to do something.

According to her, another aspect to the challenge trend is that, it aims at making people get engaging majorly on social media.

On the risk aspect, Shade revealed that some challenges are risky to human lives, just the same way some are intrinsically harmless; using an example of a car that was moving without anyone in it, but people were dancing around it.

The after effect of the various challenges she gave as an example was what she buttressed on, as she used the cinnamon effect, salt and ice challenges as an examples.

In her concluding words, shade stated that when one puts his or her life on a challenge no one really cares.

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